Grupo ADTEL installs solar panels in its offices in Barcelona

Grupo ADTEL installs solar panels in its offices in Barcelona

At Grupo ADTEL‘s headquarters in Barcelona, ​​we needed to optimize energy consumption to reduce overall electricity costs. The QDE building construction and rehabilitation team carried out the installation and commissioning of solar panels on the roof of our offices in Molins de Rei, in Barcelona.

With an area of ​​more than 2,000 m2, the Barcelona headquarters have a high electricity consumption due to the use of recurring basic services such as electricity or air conditioning, but above all due to the use of high-capacity machinery and tools, as well as racks and servers used by the company to carry out its activity.

Installation of solar panels in companies

Based on a previous study of electricity consumption and an analysis of the surface area available on the roof, the installation was sized to obtain the maximum possible energy. The result: a total of 140 silicon solar panels, each of 370 KWps, will generate clean and sustainable energy from the roof. The installation allows to obtain a power of 42,180 Wp. In addition, the company has a monitoring module for intelligent energy control and management.


instalación de placas solares primer plano


instalación de placas solares plano cenital


Benefits of installing solar panels in companies

The solar panels will allow the annual electricity consumption to be reduced considerably: It is estimated that the company will reduce the cost of electricity consumption by approximately 51%, assuming savings of €6,500 per year. These figures are equivalent to:

Savings of more than 6,000 kg of coal
Savings of more than 15,000 kg of CO2.
Equivalent to 1,600 trees planted.

You can take a look at how the project was developed through this video:



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