ADTEL Sistemas de Telecomunicación

ADTEL is the parent company of the Group. It commenced its activity in 1993 and initially specialised in radio frequency systems for sound broadcasting, television and radio communications. It has developed in association with the major growth of digital television and private TETRA radio communications and subsequently of fibre optic networks and FTTH access in Spain. In 2008, ADTEL acquired Link Comunicaciones, a manufacturer of FM radio transmitters with over 30 years market presence. ADTEL combines the development of specific products with the integration of systems, and offers a complete portfolio of specialised professional services including engineering, installation, operation and maintenance.

NRD Multimedia

NRD is the engineering company dedicated to the development and integration of audiovisual and multimedia products. In 1993, it started its activity in the professional audiovisual sector and was soon specialising in integration projects for automated production systems for television. It joined the ADTEL Group in 2009. NRD designs, develops and implements audiovisual production and multimedia service systems, and it is leader in IP video solutions and distribution over the Internet. Its customers include the major television and production companies in Spain with important credentials in Portugal, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras and Bolivia. The company also applies its solutions to the corporate, education and public administration sectors.

AB Seguridad

AB Seguridad with more than 30 years of experience in the security sector. It offers solutions in the field of protection against intrusion, access control, fire protection, video surveillance and integration of security systems.
The union and collaboration of the Grupo ADTEL companies with AB Seguridad allows us to take advantage of the convergence of technologies in the field of security, telecommunications and audiovisual to offer a greater capacity of services and solutions to our customers.


Latam ADTEL was born in 2010 in Bogota to expand the activities of the ADTEL Group in Colombia and the Americas. Since commencing operations, it has expanded the group’s catalogue of activities, actively participating in the distribution of radio and television in Colombia. ADTEL Latam also implements automatic audiovisual production solutions, and has attained major credentials in communications systems for urban transport.