Convergence between Audiovisual and Telecommunications

The ADTEL Group bases it activity on the development and implementation of technological products and services aimed at telecommunications and audiovisual. It is an independent private equity group headquartered in Barcelona and an important international development.

ADTEL was established back in 1993. Its activities are developed from a specialised knowledge of audio, video, radio frequency and communication networks.

At present, the group maintains its high technical specialisation, but following the evolution of technology it has developed appropriate solutions across the board in telecommunications, broadcasting, audiovisual and multimedia.

At present, the ADTEL Group operates mainly in the audiovisual production, service operator and telecommunications infrastructure, transport and public administration sectors, although it also has significant presence in the utilities, environmental, industrial and corporate sectors.

The ADTEL Group conducts its business in Spain, mainly from its headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona, and in the Americas through ADTEL Latam in Bogota and ADTEL Perú in Lima, although the expansion of its international activities has intensified in other parts of Europe, Asia and Africa.