ADTEL has installed a new radio system in TMB.


TMB still continues to rely on ADTEL for their radio systems. Following an open selection process, TMB has hired ADTEL the installation of a new digital radio system on lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 11 of Metro de Barcelona. The system has to service over 100 km of tunnels, 100 stations and 150 […]

ADTEL Latam in WIN SPORTS TV channel.

fibra optica

ADTEL Latam has supplied equipment for transmission and monitoring HD video over fiber to WIN SPORTS sports TV channel. WIN Sports is a television channel that provides coverage in Colombia and the rest of Latin America. Its offer is mainly based on the emission of sporting events, and live programs, broadcasts Colombian professional soccer, basketball, […]

NRD receives a special mention of SONY

Grupo ADTEL: NRD y Sony

Sony Professional Europe gives the Sony Business Award 2015 to NRD Multimedia. This way Sony recognizes the success of its collaboration with NRD in the development of various projects in many fields such as the universities field and the local and regional television field. NRD and Sony reaffirm their strategic partnership and joint work in the audiovisual […]

New radio studios of the RTVC radio station in Pasto.

ADTEL Latam has worked on the renovation of the studies of radio station RTVC in Pasto ( Colombia ). The project included the renovation of all technical production equipment and transmission and conditioning air conditioning and soundproofing the new local.

Grupo ADTEL incorporates Sceni- K.

With the desire to expand the range of services and products of our group, we have reached an agreement with the company Sceni- K to offer, from now on, corporate solutions to market.  Sceni-K becomes a fully integrated brand into the Group ADTEL. The Sceni-K sales manager, Mr. Albert Marin, will work closely with NRD Multimedia to […]